Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Raspberry Suite Color Challenge #17

While surfing the net I came upon this Blog in which caught my eye! It was Dawn McVey's Raspberry Suite Designs! ( ) She had posted a fun little entry for a Color challenge. I thought I would try it. It was just for fun so what could it hurt! I just got the Home Decor Cricut cartridge last week and had the beginnings of an idea! So first thing this morning (after my Coffee that is) I looked through my design papers for something that I could work with! I don't Have much so I only found 3 pages that worked with the Color Scheme and my Budding Idea. I scrapped all morning! Abigail really didn't want Mommy crafting today. She was getting into everything. But I was far more persistent than She was because I did get it finished. (Thanks to Nap Time! Oh I love Nap Time!)
So here are the Color Challenge Details:

And here is the Card I created Today: I know it's not as well put together as some of the other cards but This was my first card where I actually had a semi-box to stay with-in. I had lots of fun so That's all the matters! I will have to search out some other Craft challenges. Talk about my kinda Fun! After looking at the picture I uploaded I had to take another one to show some of the demetion of this card. It's so cute how the Bird just Pops out.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Thanks for stopping by my Blog! I'm just figuring this out so I hope I can learn quick! I love showing off my craft projects so I thought this would be a good start.