Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Time for me to get Real!

This blog post is gonna be out of my normal style as I'm actually taking a step back with my normal approach and getting REAL!
I have been blogging for a long time and I normally post things for a challenge or a design team project. 
I want to share an art piece I have started just for me. A Learning experience.
I have never had confidence in my drawing skills 
and I wanted to challenge/prove to myself I could do it! As a beginner
I did a search on Pinterest (yes our worst enemy of exploding ideas) for "How to draw a face."
the search was amazing. I found myself engulfed in several blogs / you-tube tutorials you name it!
I grabbed my Faber Castell Graphite pencils and my Dyan Reaveley Dylusion art journal and gave it a go.
Here is a photo of my base face features!

I'm sorry for the terrible photo quality as I was in the zone and just snapped a pic with my phone!
Ok I had my base what next???  I guess wing it and hope for the best.
I walked away and completed some home chores and decided I needed to add a frame and hair. 
I didn't have the ambition to research on how to artistically draw this feature so I just winged it and created my own facial frame and hair. Once I started drawing I questioned my judgement but just kept working and continued to adjust and add layers of pencil till I had a semi frame/hair I liked.

I continued by sketching the base/outline for my art journaling but family needed food so this is as far As I completed for the days craft session! Please stay tuned as I complete this page and explore the NEW!

Thanks for stopping by Have a Happy Crafty Day!