Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wow what a fabulous weekend!

I had a fabulous Father's Day Sunday with my husband and extended family! We celebrated with a BBQ and a 8th Birthday party for my niece! Tonight I sit here content to share a video I created to display a mini for a friend who showed concern when I needed it most! I started this mini as a simple Birthday RAK but  it evolved into so much more! The month of June has been very tough for me and my family with the loss of a very close special friend who was taken to be an angel far too soon! When I started blogging and exploring my crafts through the internet I never imagined it would bring me to this day. I can only wonder what tomorrow Brings! I have been crafting for over 10 years but the internet Is a whole new rhelm for me! Please enjoy this short youtube video of a mini I created for a Special friend!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Squigglefly challenge card!

Here's the card I created for the Squigglefly blog challenge for this week. I waited on posting this so late because my card was sent to a friend with a very special RAK. The image I chose was shy-bear-morning-paper-bear by artist Lynne Stansbery. I just love her shy bear images. I used the news print paper from Tim Holtz paper collection. I printed my image 3 times so I was able to layer my images to give the card more depth.

There is still time to get your card completed for the challenge so head on over to the blog and enjoy creating a card or project with fabulous digital images from Squigglefly. Sat is the new releases and there are some Fabulous images to choose from.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Update on my computer!

I finally got word yesterday on my computer's Status! The hard-drive is shot! The PC Doctor will install a new one today and load the base software tomorrow. They believe they can save my pictures and PDF files but won't know for sure till tomorrow. It will be so nice to have my data and computer back. The only hard part will be trying to remember all my programs to re-install and then finding registration info for all those programs. I believe I have a folder in my email with that info, or at least I hope I do. I just hope they can transfer all my files and data. I believe I will be investing in an on-line back-up program from here on out. I got lucky this time but I want to take it as a lesson learned and not depend on luck next time! ;)

Hope to be posting wonderful inspiration Soon!

Have a Happy Crafty Day!