Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Introducing Wild West Scrap Diva's

I'm Happy to Announce My New Craft Venture. Diva Kim and I have joined forces to create a FUN & INSPIRING Blog in which we hope to offer Great craft ideas, techniques we've learned, projects we've completed and so much more!!!!!!! So stay tuned for what's to come.

To celebrate our friendship and new venture we are going to do a fun little daily trivia question with CANDY starting Friday Dec.4th with a daily prize leading up to a Grand Prize on December 11th. Why do you ask December 11th? Well we have a special Birthday that day, Mine! You can all enjoy the big event as It gets closer and closer! I'm so excited to finally be leaving my 20's. I know I'm still young according to some but it's always fun to Step up to that next level.
Again come join us and Have a grand Inspiring time with a chance to win a daily prize and also a Grand Prize! It really is Grand. We will be dropping hints as the trivia starts. What do you need to do to be entered in our prize drawings you ask?


1. Follow the WWSD Wild West Scrap Diva blog! Whew ! That was easy,huh?

2. Join us and answer the daily Trivia questions correctly! First question will be posted Friday Dec. 4th

And to be entered into the Grand Prize Drawing additionally follow our personal blogs:

Whew! That was a lot. I look forward to your company in this new Fun and Exciting Journey. 


Elaine K said...

Congrats on your new site:)

Viv said...
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Viv said...

How lovely having our birthdays on the same day! It's fate! I look forward to seeing the new blog blossom! I'm now a follower on all the blogs and am looking forward playing along with you girls.
Hugs Viv xx

Pigott Clan said...

I am excited for the new blog... and to be following both of your individual blogs now! Yay for Dec birthdays - and a happy early one to you!!!