Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wow what a fabulous weekend!

I had a fabulous Father's Day Sunday with my husband and extended family! We celebrated with a BBQ and a 8th Birthday party for my niece! Tonight I sit here content to share a video I created to display a mini for a friend who showed concern when I needed it most! I started this mini as a simple Birthday RAK but  it evolved into so much more! The month of June has been very tough for me and my family with the loss of a very close special friend who was taken to be an angel far too soon! When I started blogging and exploring my crafts through the internet I never imagined it would bring me to this day. I can only wonder what tomorrow Brings! I have been crafting for over 10 years but the internet Is a whole new rhelm for me! Please enjoy this short youtube video of a mini I created for a Special friend!

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Crystal said...

Dawn this is beautiful. I am so sorry to hear of your loss sweetie!