Tuesday, November 23, 2010

What are you Thankful for?

I'm Thankful for my Family and Friends!
I'm Thankful for having healthy children!
I'm Thankful I can laugh at life's monkey wrenches rather than Cry!

I'm thankful for Modern Day conveniences. ~~~~ Why such an Odd thing to be thankful for. Well it's not that Odd if you take into consideration of how my week is going. The past 2 days my family and I have had to survive without running water. (Still without as I type this post.)  The temperatures here in Wyoming have dropped below Zero the past few nights and barely above during the day. We live in the country and have a private well. We are just hoping the well house pipes are froze because replacing the pump is a nightmare and expensive. I would rather not live that possibility. So Yes I'm Thankful for modern Day conveniences such as running water. As humiliating as it is ~~~ it takes A LOT of melted snow to flush a toilet. Good thing we have a foot outside. 

Finally I'm Thankful for all my internet communities to share my passions and daily happenings!

Wishing Everyone a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday to those that celebrate and a Happy Crafty Day to all that took the time to read this!


Veronica said...

WOW Dawn! What an autumn you're having... hope by now your running water has come back again. Thinking about snow when here it's summer makes me brrrr! ;D
Have a Happy and NiceThanksgiving day with your family. Hugs, Vron

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn

There certainly is alot to be thankful for! I love visiting your blog so I am thankful for that. I chose you for the stylish blogger award on my page so to accept it you must visit my page and follow along if you like. Thanks!

Christina B.